Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Picture....

Hey a BIG thank you to everyone plodding for us,and making some pictures...thanks
Leily.2009 and cuitexoxo2
there is no role about making pictures for us,we don't use them yet but we sharing them in the blog because they were working on them....

this is made by leily.2009!

thank you so much to take care!
you guys are so cool!
Thanks again!

sorry cutiexoxo2 we weren't success in sharing in your picture,any way,Thank's.

Monday, September 20, 2010



we are going to put a Interview withHEIDI KLUM in our magazine.
Who is want to have an interview with us in the magazine?if u want leave comment or go to our club and write your name.

NOTE:only for Models!

I made a new picture + contest

I worked hard on it and now wow Isn't it cool? and the good news we are almost done if princessbanji agree with me we are done so and the contest we will give you a gift card if you vote us so here's the rules :
1. You must follow our blog
2. you must vote us in 22th of septamber (not a day before or after )
3. invite 4 or 5 person (not less) to vote and follow us
4.Comment here and say your follower name and stardoll account  name
5. Done! we will choose one of you as a WINNER winner gets a giftcard code from us so don't you want it?
so what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our mgazine....almost Compelete !

Waooh...Our Magazine is almost done!!!!So want to see some cool picture of it? here the fashion hall! cool ha? we work hard on it so please vote us 5/5 (after complete mag) at 22th September when the fall come and the first leaf fall down ! so we will put a big picture of our cover and make a picture of cover too! and don't forgot to enter our big contest the winner get a gift card just you must follow us and invite 5 person to follow us too!

The new graphics

We accept the new graphics she is so talented she can made the cool pictures and she is one of our models! so she is working on a cool picture of us so guess who ?!?cutiexoxo2 yes...that's right...ok.
And for more information...NOW we are sitting in Princess banji's house and working on the new magazine....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New model is here

Welcome the new model is the big DKNY collector just visit her and see her beautiful dresses and you can bid on them so just one click on her name to visit her cutiexoxo2 so what do you think about her is she good to become model? or not? here a picture of her gallery so whats more you want to know about her?
Agent_k1998 & Princessbanji

Monday, September 6, 2010

Extra! Extra! Our new magazine is coming....

Fall magazine will come and you will see your self in it so 22 of September the magazine will come with the :
Top models on cover
Tips for fashion
About Dresses shoes bags and fall wear
Brand history
and More...
so want to see it ? here a picture of cover so we will have cover girl too but not this time so here


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall is coming...

this is fall time and every things will change....tha last of the 2010 summer was awsome.Ammy Award,Teen Choice Award...and hot Movies....But What about FASHION?here you are:

Stardoll and fall fashion:

ELLE.....Check it out in stardoll magazine

Fall's biggest statements are in the smallest details. How to wear everything from knit-on-knit to winter whites
For more information and Pictures about Fall Fashion Click Here

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The party for models....

All the models must know we are making a party for all models if you are the model just say what time can you come in your country and we change it to our country hour and say 1 time every one can come so we send you invitation and you will come and have some fun know other models and  we take some pictures for this blog and  you just get a party logo too! and take some picture with real  designers and models like Alexander McQueen  and Coco Channel and some models.... so will you come or not ?

Fall is Coming Fall Fashion!

The schools will be open and fall is come ,what kind of dresses are good for fall? Grey Mustard fell fresh for fall a rain wear  with an umbrella and some cool boots it means fall but in star doll fall comes with the best fashion and here our model with the brown and gold clothes it makes you feel fresh for fall and good for a grand fall party so if you want to see her and learn to make the dress like this so visit her by clicking Here 
Agent_k1998 and princessbanji

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spot lights on You if you join us

If you just join us and if you are talented if you can do something for us and if we accept you you will become a model or writer or graphics and every month one of models and writers or who helped us will be famous cause we put her/him in over of the magazine and we send a lot of board cast and peoples come and see you amazing no? so if you like to be fame just join us if you can do something for US just click on us and tell us!

Agent_k1998 & and princessbanji