Saturday, August 28, 2010

Make a black night dress

If you want to go to a best party and wear a good dress you need money i will show you how to do it with some hot buys and DKNY items and you can have a black little puppy too you just watch the pictures you will know
first a black dress  with a bow not just this you can have yours here we use a hot buys dress from VOILE and the price is 8$ so you can use any of your dresses
for this party so  for a bag we need a big bag or a clutch so here i use a clutch so you can  have hand bag look at picture 2 we do not need to have just black if you don't have use white ! this bag from BISOU and price is 4$  and after that all the night dresses must be long or have a tights here we use hot buys tights from  VOILE and price is 5$ not to much high look at picture 3 so  time for accessories i use a DKNY headband price is 2$ but if you want to buy it will be higher! look at picture 4 now you are done but you need some more accessories and you can have black Gloves and a scarf and cool boots look at picture 5 model :Rozhina
if you have an idea to make a cool dress just tell us we will put it in our blog